One-click Deal Generator

Tips & Tricks

Here's how to get the most out of your app

Simplify the purchase process

Greatly shorten your path-to-purchase. Let your users add a custom product bundle straight to cart or checkout… with one click! 

Skip the landing pages

Instead of building a time-consuming landing page, simply drive your traffic directly to /cart or /checkout with a custom link

Quickly create bundles

This is the only app on the market that lets you create fully customized product bundles in /cart!

Create bundle checkout links for landing pages

Whether you need them for your landing page CTAs, or for content marketing, this app lets you generate fully customizable cart/checkout links for products or bundles

Create clean links for offline marketing

Print your quickly generated link on paper leaflets or use it in TV/radio campaigns. Make it easy for your users to remember your links!

Create custom links for Facebook

Use your custom offer link in Social Media or any other campaigns. Tailor your links to your audience, to increase trust and conversion.

Tips and tricks:

  • Don’t waste time creating long landing pages. Make it super easy for your users to convert. Try to substitute a landing page with a generated bundle link and analyze the influence on conversion
  • Use the application to simplify your purchase process. It takes less than 3 minutes to create a deal with this app! Generate various links and put them wherever users may need a quick purchase option: on the homepage, within articles, on your blog or any other content marketing spot, in AdWords, Social Media, and anywhere else your users may appear. Name each link individually so that you can easily measure how your deal performs.
  • Create deal names that correspond to your campaigns, e.g. This tactic is proven to drive CVR – users trust clean URLs that fit well with their expectations.
  • Our application is a perfect add-on to your A/B testing. For instance, build two deals slightly differing from each other (e.g., by the amount of discount) and analyse which one generates better profit. You may also generate two different sets of deal links and attach them to the CTAs of competing landing pages. Then, in the app analytics section, you’ll be able to clearly monitor which one performs better.
  • See which destination your users prefer: adding products to /cart or going straight to /checkout. Test this in different scenarios. In some cases, a fast, one-click purchase is ideal (that’s when you lead them straight to /checkout). In other situations, your users may need to consider and analyze your offer further (or add more products); in this case, leading them to /cart might be more effective.
  • Test the impact of URL names: quickly generate two, competing deal links (e.g., “” and “”). Activate both campaigns and observe which name performs better.
  • Measure and continuously optimize your deals while they’re active. Check analytics in the application, monitor what is changing. Sometimes your competitors may make changes (e.g., to prices), which may impact your revenue.
  • Create short and easy to remember deal links. This will enable users to easily share them, especially where copying may be difficult (e.g., TV ads, paper leaflets).
  • If you already used our application for offline marketing (e.g. leaflets), do not change your Deal URL – users who enter the inactive URL, will see a 404 Error page. Of course you can always add additional redirects but the performance of the deal link may be slightly slower on some devices.
  • Try to create customized link names (do not leave the default name, e.g.$JS2d). Even if the link is seemingly invisible, it may be used by GoogleBot to increase the visibility of your page.
  • A/B testing: when you test two deals, give yourself some time to define findings (in order to make sure the A/B test is statistically significant). Moreover, it is good to test one concept at a time (for example, test two deals that differ only by price or by the product photo). Multi Variant Testing is also possible, but it requires a more advanced analysis, in order to arrive at the correct conclusion.
  • Monitor and manage cannibalization in your store. For example, deals created by this app may decrease revenue normally attributed to a Product Details Page. Monitor performance closely, to make sure your net income is positive.
  • Remember: YOU are your catalog’s expert. Don’t wait for your users to look for complementary products. Create bundles for your users wherever they add value. For example, customers buying a keyboard may be interested in adding a mouse and a mouse pad… In this case, a bundle might be a great solution: your users save time adding everything in one click; they’re happy, the checkout faster and they’re more likely to return.
  • Use the application to sell harder-to-move merchandise. Bundle those products with top-sellers, offer discounts, and clean your stock. 
  • Those are just a few suggestions. We have plenty more! If you’d like to hear them or if you have any questions, please contact us at

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