Meet the team.

We're professionals, we're friends, we're mothers and fathers.
We're from Poland.


We like our organizations flat and our expertise tested.

A true expert makes the complex simple. Living up to this maxim requires both knowledge and approachability. We seek out folks who know their stuff but, more importantly, are eager to keep learning. That kind of attitude helps us provide the highest quality service and keeps our egos in check. We know it's impossible for any one of us to be the best at everything; together though, we're pretty solid. Ongoing education, no-nonsense cooperation and no big heads - that's our recipe for success.

There's one more dimension to this recipe: (bridging) distance. For one, the companies we work with hail from all over the world. For another, we hail from all over Poland. Many of us work in one of our two offices but, indeed, most of us work remotely. We do what we can to help make these distances smaller. Regular communication, trips and visits, shared experiences, and good old-fashioned gift-giving all go a long way toward helping us feel connected. So whether you're in the Silicon Hills or in Silicon Valley, we've got you covered, together.

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