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Great expectations

We strive to take good care of our teammates. Many of us are supporting families and we know the importance of a solid income. We proudly offer competitive salaries and benefits. Teammates can choose from flexible contract options with paid vacation for full-time employees.

We also maintain great expectations for ourselves: we know that in this industry one must always be learning. That's why we host in-house trainings, offer training and conference budgets, and often assist with personal, relevant equipment purchases. We also take 360 feedback very seriously and strive to improve individually and as a unit.

One size does not fit all

We believe that the traditional work model is changing. Forcing all people to sit in one space at the same time just doesn't make sense. Some folks prefer the proximity of colleagues, others thrive in greater solitude. We offer our employees two offices - in downtown Kraków and in central Bielsko-Biała - and welcome fully remote teammates as well. Many of us also enjoy flexible hours, allowing us to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Finally, we strive to keep it simple: we work in small teams and our organization is almost completely flat. We strongly emphasize approachability and openness and we find that rigid hierarchies can get in the way.

Keeping it interesting

Even the best job in the world will have its off days. We think the little things - like good coffee, accessible parking and bike racks, full bathrooms with showers (for those who're committed to biking) - help make a difference. Company lunches, volunteering/charitable opportunities, and mountain hikes don't hurt either.

The best cure, however, is prevention! Our clients are our friends: there are no anonymous organizations with unreasonable demands; instead, there are real people with whom we strive to maintain personal relationships. This makes the greatest difference. This is the critical ingredient!

Current openings

Below you'll find a few positions for which we're currently hiring. This list changes frequently, so stay tuned. Better yet, if you don't see your role here, introduce yourself to us and let us know what skills you could bring to the table!

React Dev + Computer Vision | PL startup

Dołącz do unikalnego startupu - ShareTheBoard

Poszukujemy Senior frontend & computer vision dewelopera. Pracujemy w małym, doświadczonym zespole, w którym cenimy inżynieryjny pragmatyzm, sprawne wchodzenie w nowe tematy, dobrą jakość kodu i stabilne rozwiązania. Mamy pełną decyzyjność w zakresie technologii, wpływ na realizację zadań biznesowych, a do tego na co dzień nie musimy zmagać się korporacyjnymi procedurami.

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