We think in two languages.

(We code in, like, 20.)


This is not a blog.

We're not into web logging. We do think about a great many things though: our clients, our families, or our jobs, to name a few. Sometimes we jot those thoughts down and list them in reverse chronological order. You'll find some of those jotted-down-thoughts here.

Running Neural Network Inside the Web Browser? Only if You Know How!
Join us on our journey with ShareTheBoard as we optimize neural network performance in a web browser. See what worked, what didn’t, and how we succeeded!...
3 weeks ago
A Digital Makeover for Social Impact - The Good Factory Case Study
Discover our journey with the Good Factory: from a thorough review to the smooth integration of two sites and a successful website launch....
4 months ago
How to Create Your Own Neural Network? - ShareTheBoard Case Study
Discover our 12-month journey with ShareTheBoard, from researching to developing a high-speed, web-friendly neural network....
4 months ago
Revolutionizing Wellness: Seraphina Therapeutics' Shopify Transformation with From Poland With Dev
Learn how From Poland With Dev helped Seraphina Therapeutics achieve multidomain excellence during their Shopify Transformation....
4 months ago
Lucchese Bootmaker: Elevating Digital Presence and Customer Experience
Explore Lucchese's journey with From Poland With Dev – a seamless blend of solid UX/UI design, e-commerce development, and custom Shopify solutions....
4 months ago
Empowering Rasa: From Poland With Dev Elevates Herbal Industry with Custom Shopify Solution and Support
Explore Rasa's herbal industry journey with us. Discover how we elevated user experience with our React, Shopify, and DevOps expertise....
4 months ago
TrustRadius and Navigating Digital Transformation with From Poland With Dev
Discover how we ensured TrustRadius' seamless content unification, enhanced user experience, and maintained online visibility during their digital tranformation....
4 months ago
The 14 Best Shopify Stores in 2023 and Why They’re so Successful

Explore 2023’s top-performing Shopify stores to discover what makes them shine. Learn the str...

9 months ago
Snowflake vs AWS: Key Features, Top Differences, and How to Choose What's Better For Your Business
Snowflake or AWS? Uncover key features and top differences between these two data warehouses to make the right choice for your success!...
10 months ago