We think in two languages.

(We code in, like, 20.)


This is not a blog.

We're not into web logging. We do think about a great many things though: our clients, our families, or our jobs, to name a few. Sometimes we jot those thoughts down and list them in reverse chronological order. You'll find some of those jotted-down-thoughts here.

Świąteczna Paczka 2021
Wierzymy w integrację przez wspólne pomaganie. Tym razem z okazji Gwiazdki postanowiliśmy wspólnie zorganizować pomoc dla potrzebującej rodziny....
1 year ago
Whiteboard capture
Capture your whiteboard contents without any special equipment...
2 years ago
Hybrid learning
Is this the new normal?...
2 years ago
Remote whiteboarding
Finally, it's not an either/or situation...
2 years ago
Introducing ShareTheBoard
We're proud to introduce our latest creation. If you've ever collaborated with someone remotely - you'll want to see this....
2 years ago
Common traps of remote work
Recent Covid-19 situation forced many IT companies to allow its workers to perform their duties from home offices. Some of us are familiar with working remotely, others tried ...
3 years ago
Przekwalifikowanie na IT
Pomagamy bezpłatnie w przekwalifikowaniu do IT osobom, które są w trudnej sytuacji zawodowej, spowodowanej przez Covid-19 (np. ich praca jest zagrożona)....
3 years ago