We think in two languages.

(We code in, like, 20.)


This is not a blog.

We're not into web logging. We do think about a great many things though: our clients, our families, or our jobs, to name a few. Sometimes we jot those thoughts down and list them in reverse chronological order. You'll find some of those jotted-down-thoughts here.

The Power of the Snowflake Data Warehouse: An In-Depth Guide
Learn everything you need to know about Snowflake Data Warehouse and discover how this cutting-edge solution can revolutionize your data manage...
10 months ago
The Key to Success in the Digital Marketplace: An Introduction to Ecommerce Development
Unlock your potential in the digital marketplace with our guide on ecommerce development. Learn about key trends, considerations, and strategie...
10 months ago
WooCommerce vs Shopify: Choosing the Perfect Ecommerce Solution
Discover the ultimate showdown between WooCommerce and Shopify, the two leading ecommerce platforms, to choose the best one for your business!...
11 months ago
Shopify Scripts replaced by Shopify Functions, a Top Tool for Boosting Your Ecommerce Store’s Performance
Shopify Scripts are soon to be replaced by Shopify Functions! Read to discover the numerous benefits of Shopify Functions and elevate your onli...
11 months ago
Revolutionizing Your Business with a Snowflake Developer: The Complete Guide to Unlocking Data-Driven Success
Learn how a Snowflake developer can drive your organization’s data-driven success and discover how their expertise can revolutionize your dat...
11 months ago
How to Hire a Shopify Expert in 2023: Proven Strategies & Tips for Success
Discover how to hire a Shopify expert to boost your store’s success. Learn the value, tips for finding, and best practices for choosing the p...
11 months ago
Whiteboard capture
Capture your whiteboard contents without any special equipment...
3 years ago
Hybrid learning
Is this the new normal?...
3 years ago