TrustRadius and Navigating Digital Transformation with From Poland With Dev



TrustRadius, based in the technology hotspot of Austin, Texas, is a leading platform that assists technology buyers in making informed decisions.

They provide comprehensive, carefully vetted product information and customer-generated content, promoting a sense of confidence and reliability in the decision-making process.

They empower tech providers to tell their unique stories, engage with potential customers, and gain insightful feedback.

Founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs, TrustRadius boasts a strong backing from prominent venture capitalists like Mayfield Fund, LiveOak Venture Partners, and Next Coast Ventures.

It's truly inspiring how a casual idea shared over a coffee machine can evolve into a thriving global business and foster close relationships with nearly 100 prominent technology brands and industry giants, such as IBM, Cisco, Adobe, and Salesforce.


Before our partnership, TrustRadius operated on various distributed environments. Managing these diverse platforms was challenging and had a negative impact on the conversion rate. The existence of multiple websites not only resulted in poor Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) but also led to a subpar user experience.

Our main goal was to unify content from all existing WordPress sites onto a single platform, What we needed to achieve was the creation of a more manageable, cohesive site featuring consistent user processes and design.

Additionally, we had to sustain site traffic and ensure effective Google indexing throughout this transition. TrustRadius needed a smooth shift without compromising visibility or user accessibility. Our responsibility was to effectively facilitate this transformation, focusing on minimizing disruptions and enhancing the overall user experience.


We began with constructing a singular environment where we could migrate all content. We were responsible for creating and setting up a platform capable of hosting multiple types of content and static pages. Our team focused on meticulous planning and execution, handling both logistical and technical aspects of this extensive migration.

Our UX designer played a crucial role in improving Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and enhancing user experience by creating new user paths and graphic views. Then our development team seamlessly translated these designs into reality, integrating them into the newly unified platform.

Maintaining site traffic and Google indexing was a significant concern throughout the transition. Effective management of redirections and reverse proxy configuration was crucial, ensuring TrustRadius did not lose its online visibility and user accessibility.


  • fully refreshed website, development, and implementation
  • UX/UI design
  • DevOps improvements recommendations
  • DevOps - configuring website on a WPengine, and staging environment
  • Google Analytics, Google Events, Advanced Tracking


  • WordPress
  • PHP

  • SCSS

  • JS+jQuery

  • HTML

  • WordPress Rest API

on the project management side:

  • Trello
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