Empowering RASA: From Poland With Dev Elevates Herbal Industry with Custom Shopify Solution and Support



Established in 2018, Rasa emerged from Lopa van der Mersh's devotion to Ayurveda. As both a founder and a new mom, she was looking for a potent, natural alternative to coffee that could uplift her mood and keep her going without stealing her energy.

Thus, what began as an experiment of blending herbs in her own kitchen has evolved into a global venture, catering to over 100,000 customers with its range of nourishing, adaptogenic drinks.

Additionally, with over 50 botanicals sourced from 15 countries, Rasa emphasizes quality, purity, and social responsibility.


Initially, Rasa reached out to From Poland With Dev for Shopify support, but soon our collaboration extended to comprehensive development support.

Our first major challenge was to create a custom solution for a customer Quiz that would help Rasa better understand their customers' needs and preferences, a task beyond the capabilities of Shopify's native features.

After the Quiz was created, Rasa continued to rely on our team's expertise to further improve store performance, structure, and user experience.


Our developers created the dynamic Rasa Quiz as a standalone app hosted externally on Cloudflare Pages and built in React.

Soon after this, in order to improve project structure and performance, we refactored the entire JavaScript structure from an impressive 7,000 lines of code into a more efficient and manageable module structure using Webpack.

In addition to these solutions, we conducted a thorough UX analysis and quality assurance, along with making ongoing store improvements as part of our monthly support.


  • QA to find bugs, and recommend solutions for better user experience, and higher conversion rates
  • UX/UI analysis to recommend improvements in sales process and information architecture
  • Quiz fully custom development
  • Ongoing development support for any Client’s needs


  • React
  • Shopify
  • JS
  • Webpack

on the DevOps side:

  • GitHub Actions

on the project management side:

  • Trello
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