Revolutionizing Wellness: Seraphina Therapeutics' Shopify Transformation with From Poland With Dev


Founded in 2017 in the vibrant city of San Diego, California, Seraphina Therapeutics is a forward-thinking collective of passionate scientists, medical professionals, and innovators.

With a mission to transform health from the core, the company's exploration into dolphin longevity revealed the remarkable impact of a specific fatty acid on aging.

Their groundbreaking research resulted in the creation of Fatty15, a vegan supplement, free from artificial ingredients, that provides essential C15:0 fatty acid. It's designed not only to support long-term health and wellness but also to directly tackle the aging process at the cellular level.


Seraphina Therapeutics approached From Poland With Dev with an existing Shopify platform seeking enhancements in both functionality and design of their online store, specifically targeting the product detail page.

Additionally, they also wanted to create a new landing page to promote an upcoming product launch. The broader objective also included a comprehensive website redesign and ongoing maintenance support.


From Poland With Dev skillfully revitalized the product detail page by integrating a new subscription feature dedicated exclusively to the Fatty15 supplement.

Then, our Shopify Development Team meticulously refined the design, ensuring it accurately mirrored the client's vision and encapsulated the brand's core values.

In addition, we developed a unique multi-domain landing page, providing Seraphina Therapeutics the convenience of effortlessly managing multiple domains from a singular admin panel.


  • Web Development services for a robust online presence.
  • UX design - fresh layouts for landing pages, homepage, company page, product detail pages (PDP), and other subpages
  • Implementation of multidomain installations for the company website
  • QA


  • JS+jQuery
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • GitHub
  • Figma
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