Introducing ShareTheBoard

Brought to you by FPWD and Marcin Demkowicz

We are so proud to introduce our latest creation: ShareTheBoard

This app - made with the help of our strategic partner, Marcin Demkowicz - addresses a problem that is very familiar to anyone who's ever worked remotely. Put simply: this app allows you to actually whiteboard with colleagues and friends, regardless of where they may be.

We're very big fans of the whiteboard: it's a tool that requires no training and one which naturally encourages interaction and collaboration. To date, however, sharing a whiteboard with a remote viewer was not a pleasant experience. Simply pointing your laptop cam at a whiteboard usually results in an image that is too small, illegible, and often obstructed. ShareTheBoard solves all of these problems:

  • the app allows you to zoom in on your board and correct the angle from which it's viewed
  • it identifies and automatically amplifies any handwritten content
  • it intelligently identifies and ignores obstacles in front of that content (such as people by the board), making them appear "see-through" (that's our favorite feature!)
  • it digitizes all handwritten content in real-time and allows you to save it with just one click

Pretty neat, huh? We've just released our latest beta and we're now working on our first market-ready app, the Starter Version. This little beauty will feature the ability to broadcast your board live. That's going to be a huge game-changer! It means that your viewers will be able to see your board straight in their browsers. What's more, the board contents will be legible and digitized - even when either party has a slow web connection. We can't wait to get it out the door!

This new app couldn't come at a better time. The pandemic has created many challenges in remote learning and remote collaboration and made many of us who work remotely feel disconnected. We hope that our app will help bridge the great distances we experience by getting people white-boarding again.

And we're not stopping there! Later versions will harness the power of augmented reality to allow multiple real whiteboards to be edited at the same time! That's right: your remote viewers will be able to contribute directly to your actual whiteboard - it's going to be nothing short of magic (we've seen it!).

Stay tuned for more. If you have questions, check out the new site; better yet, download the Beta and try the app for yourself! We'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Until then, stay safe, and keep white-boarding!

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