Introducing ShareTheBoard

Brought to you by FPWD and Marcin Demkowicz

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our newest creation: ShareTheBoard

This app, created in collaboration with our strategic partner, Marcin Demkowicz, addresses a challenge that’s very familiar to anyone who’s worked remotely. To put it simply, this app allows you to use a whiteboard with colleagues and friends, regardless of their location.

We’re big fans of the whiteboard, a tool that needs no training and one which naturally encourages interaction and collaboration. To this point, however, sharing a whiteboard with a remote viewer was not a pleasant experience. Merely pointing your laptop camera at a whiteboard usually results in an image that’s too small, illegible, and often obstructed.

Since launching ShareTheBoard in January 2021, our development process has been continuous. With each update, we improve our core functionality and add new features that our users desire.

We introduced our app with features such as:

  • Enabling you to zoom in on your board and adjust the viewing the angle,
  • Identifying and automatically amplifying any handwritten content,
  • Intelligently identifying and ignoring obstacles in front of that content (like people near the board), making them appear “see-through,” 
  • Digitizing all handwritten content in real-time, allowing you to save it with a single click.

Since then, based largely on feedback from end users, we’ve added some killer new features:

  • Using live digital annotations, remote viewers can contribute content directly to your board
  • Everything you (or your viewers) write on your board is automatically saved and instantly replayable at any time
  • Our tech is available as a Web app and as a desktop application. The latter allows you to enjoy all of the features that ShareTheBoard offers seamlessly inside of any camera-using application (e.g., video conferencing apps)
  • We’ve integrated with apps like Google Drive and Slack to make it easy to share saved content
  • Our application automatically detects nearby whiteboards, further accelerating setup. 
  • Most importantly: we can boast the fastest and most precise handwritten content recognition algorithms in the world!

To stay up to date with our development progress, follow the ShareTheBoard blog.

Although our journey started amidst the pandemic, the app continues to thrive in remote working and distance learning settings. We aim to bridge the gap and simplify the technology, so that whiteboard sessions are no different, regardless of the distance.

Right now, the app is available for free trials. For more information, visit the ShareTheBoard pricing page. The first seven days are free, and we offer substantial discounts to educators, which is a testament to our belief that education should have no boundaries.

Stay tuned for more. If you have questions, check out the new website or better yet, get a free trial and try the app for yourself! We’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Happy white-boarding!

This article was originally published in January 2021. The most recent update was in July 2023.

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