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100% referral-based. What does that even mean?

We have the distinct pleasure of working with our friends. Whether it's a past colleague, business partner, or referral from an acquaintance, odds are that you're here because one of our friends pointed you in our direction. We consider this a great privilege, honor, and much more satisfying than any ad or gimmick used to "drive" traffic. And since we build our relationships on trust and approachability, we proudly welcome you as our friend.

Of course, if you're the first one to have found us all on your own, it doesn't mean we can't work together - we just need to become friends first! Please reach out to us so we can get to know each other better. If we're a good fit and can be of assistance, we'll be happy to change our tagline.



Our relationships

Sometimes we're asked to write custom code for core products, other times it's all about Shopify development or CRO consulting. No matter how big our shared projects may be, we're proud to support these quality brands and the people behind them. These are more than clients, they're our relationships.


Want to join our team?

Do you have the know-how to get the job done? Are you open, honest, and direct? Do you enjoy the occasional trip to the Tatra Mountains? Find out what it's like to work with us.

Fullstack Developer - US Data Startup

We are looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer to join our international team. We are developing a new application as part of Intentsify, an innovative startup based in Massachusetts, USA, specializing in intent data management and sales for B2B marketing. To address common issues in many JavaScript applications, we are using a modern tech stack for this project. We seek a developer who can leverage their experience to help us create a modern, maintainable, and scalable application.

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Senior Web Project Manager (US, eCatholic)

We are looking for an experienced and exceptional Project Manager to join our international eCatholic team. Together, we are building a complex and innovative system that supports social and religious activities across the USA. Our team is tightly knit, and every day we feel the significance of the work we do. Currently, we are increasing the size of the Polish Team, which will result in an even greater responsibility and impact on the services provided.

In this role, you will be the driving force behind delivering websites & branding for parishes at all stages - starting with gathering requirements, through overseeing development and QA, followed by client onboarding and ensuring client satisfaction at all times.

This role requires a strong culture fit and alignment with the vision & mission of eCatholic.

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FE developer (eCommerce, CMS), part-time

Rekrutacja dotyczy wsparcia part-time - do max 40h/m-c.

Szukamy utalentowanego Front-end developera, który ceni sobie różnorodność i ambitne wyzwania. Jesteśmy zgranym teamem budującym strony, sklepy i aplikacje webowe, głównie dla klientów z USA.

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UX/UI Designer (eCommerce, part-time)

Rekrutacja dotyczy wsparcia part-time - ok 20-60h/m-c w zależności od naszego zapotrzebowania i Twojej dostępności.

Kogo szukamy:

Utalentowanego designera z doświadczeniem w eCommerce, który dołączy part-time do naszego międzynarodowego zespołu.

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Koordynator inwestycji budowlanej (30 mieszkań)

Jesteśmy 80-osobową firmą programistyczną, która planuje realizację inwestycji deweloperskiej (budowa ok. 30 mieszkań na sprzedaż w pierwszym etapie). Posiadamy działkę i szukamy koordynatora posiadającego doświadczenie w inwestycjach deweloperskich.


Jako firma programistyczna ogromną wagę przykładamy do kultury organizacyjnej, jakości i uczciwości realizowanych usług. Zależy nam, aby w planowanych mieszkaniach mieszkało się dobrze oraz aby budynki wniosły pozytywną wartość do tkanki miasta Bielska-Białej.


Nie wymagamy uprawień budowlanych ani certyfikatów - liczą się kompetencje, zaradność, samodzielność i odpowiedzialność w realizowanych zadaniach.

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Web Marketing Specialist | AI Startup

Welcome to the future of seamless work and learning in the hybrid world! At ShareTheBoard, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way we interact with handwritten content. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning, our startup digitizes handwritten content in real time, transforming any ordinary surface into a smart canvas.


We believe in a team built on a foundation of hard skills and a no-nonsense work environment. Our flat structure fosters collaboration, and our product-led growth strategy ensures we're on the cutting edge of technology.

Our team is backed by From Poland with Dev - a referral-based boutique software house, highly focused on quality and client relations, serving top brands across the US and maintaining long-term partnerships in the UK and Germany.

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If you don't find the exact position you're looking for, introduce yourself to us and let us know what skills you could bring to the table. We're always eager to meet talented individuals who might be a great fit for our team!