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What is Palantir Foundry?

In recent years, Palantir Foundry has been on its way to revolutionize the data management world. With its diverse set of features, Palantir Foundry use cases cover various purposes, ranging from collecting to cleaning and storing your data. With the right approach, it can become a powerful tool to solve a wide range of business challenges, by either enhancing decision-making processes, or perhaps optimizing operational efficiency. And while Foundry can initially be seen as a complex platform, with a helping hand and willingness to learn, it will take no time to unlock its full potential.


This is where we come in. As one of the first companies in Poland, we want to help you explore the possibilities of Palantir Foundry services. Our impeccable track record, with only 5-star reviews, and the fact that the majority of our partners come to us through referrals, serve as proof of our trustworthiness and commitment to tech mastery.

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How Can It Help You?

Depending on where your project currently is, we will make sure our solution is customized and tailored to your needs. Our team is set up and ready to support you, whether it’s with collecting, processing, or visualizing your data. By combining our experienced engineers with Foundry’s user-friendly tools, we can ensure that managing your data will become a walk-in-a-park experience.

Exploration Stage


Are you at the very beginning of your journey? Taking your first steps in data exploration? Luckily, Foundry’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive features make learning, integrating, and analyzing data simple. Depending on the market you specialize in, we will help you find the right components, to make you go from raw data to valuable insights.

Optimization Stage


Knee-deep in the world of data analytics? Now it’s time to upgrade! Foundry can help you both boost and simplify your already existing projects. Whether by optimizing data workflows, automating repetitive tasks, or anything your business may require. With a couple of tools and clicks, we can help you achieve even greater success.

Expansion Stage


Are you looking to explore some new possibilities? Grow and expand? With Palantir Foundry, we can help you broaden your project’s horizons by enabling your platform to handle larger datasets, integrating more sources, and developing complex analytics models.

Some of the Palantir Foundry Use Cases

Data integration

Data Management

Data Analytics

Machine Learning


Why Choose Palantir Foundry?

Make data-driven decisions

Foundry's powerful analytics and visualization tools give you real-time insights, and allow you to stay ahead and make informed and thought-out choices to drive your business forward.

Boost Efficiency

With its automated workflows and data integration abilities you can make your data management simple and easy to read, and finally  allow your team to focus on what is most important – analyzing and learning from your data.

Enhance Collaboration

Without your approval, we won't assign your specialist to another project. Fancy a visit? You're always welcome to Poland for a party with your team!

Adapt and Innovate

Recruitment and specialist replacement at any time are free. You won't incur any additional costs like equipment, sick leaves, benefits, etc.

Maximize Return on Investment (ROI)

Combine various service types. Take advantage of flexible hourly support, whether for SEO, code review, CRO design, or more.

About FPWD

Referral Roots

FPWD was born as a purely referral-based venture. In fact, in most technologies, we still are 100% referral-driven. It wasn’t until 2022 that we opened our doors to external Shopify clients.

Boutique Approach

We’re a team of over 90 dedicated professionals, and we pride ourselves on our personalized touch with every client.


A majority of our engineers are seasoned professionals, often providing their expert guidance as lead developers, contributing to the overall success of your projects.

What Our Clients Say

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"Their passion for the work they do is clear—they truly care about our company’s success.”

Tom Drugan
Director of E-Commerce, HumanN

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“They are invested in the work, and they want us to achieve our goals.”

Jason Jaynes
COO, eCatholic

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“They’re very responsive and eager to help, so we’ve had a great collaboration with them so far.”

Bjorn Billhardt
CEO, Abilitie

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“They've created a lot of great assets and we've been very pleased with their work.”

Fashion Company,
Growth Marketing

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“The resources they’ve recommended are all incredibly talented, smart, and good people.”

Matt Goldman,
Senior Director of CX at WIN Reality

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“The partnership has been working out great for the redesign and relaunch of our main site.”

Scott Blankenship,
Director, Web Marketing & Engineering, Zenefits

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