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In the From Poland with Dev portfolio you may also find Shopify Apps.
Apart from them, we provide complex Shopify services: theme development, custom apps, Shopify Scripts and many more. See more->

Our curent app list can be checked here.

By In-line cart upsell cross-sell app you may create upsell and cross-sell recommendations immediately beside relevant products in the cart, as well as leverage your product knowledge to provide the most convincing recommendations. All supported by effective analytics that allow you to optimize placements.

One-Click-Deal is a super-simple app for generating clean links to cart and checkout.
It enables users to build a landing page with product bundles (with or without discount) in less than 3 minutes, which may be then used in e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio or traditional leaflet campaigns. Such an easy way to boost the sales!

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