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Build Your Shopify Store and Grow Your eCommerce Business With:

  • Custom Web Design and Theme Store Development
  • Custom Shopify App Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • API Integrations
  • Shopify Migration
  • Headless Shopify

Why Choose Us as Your Shopify Agency?

In times of constant flux, the key to building a successful brand is taking care of your customers' experience. They need to spend time efficiently on your site, and we are here to expedite their visit! As one of the first Shopify agencies in Poland, we are dedicated to helping you reach more customers.

We take pride in our track record, with almost all our clients being referral-based. We work closely not only to reach our business goals together but also to build long-lasting friendships based on both respect and results.  Thanks to these relationships, spanning from the east coast of Portland to the west coast of San Francisco, we were able to become Shopify Plus experts.

As an experienced Shopify agency, we want to help you reach new heights, whether you are an established business or a representative of young but ambitious brands. We provide comprehensive technical support and serve as the marketing extension for our clients. We take care of UX, web design, and conversion improvement, and you can count on us to come up with a winning product strategy.


How Can We Help Your eCommerce Stores?

We cut our teeth on implementing complex projects overseas for our customers who operate large systems requiring customization, integration, and optimization.  And now, our entire team of experienced Shopify developers is set up to help European clients achieve their eCommerce success.

Configuration of Shopify Plus stores and custom software development

  • Development of  fully customized and brand-consistent Liquid templates for products, catalogs, /cart, and /checkout with the right page loading speed and advanced frontend responsiveness
  • Configuration of payment and delivery systems, common in the US, Poland, and other countries
  • Delivery of advanced backend configuration and customization – cart, checkout, coupons, promotions, etc.
  • Integration with custom applications and third-party tools like CRM, marketing, analytical, etc.
  • Development of  dedicated backend applications through Shopify Apps, Shopify Scripts, and advanced Java Script applications

Migration to Shopify platform

  • We have a proven track record in migrating to Shopify from other platforms such as WooCommerce (WordPress) and we cover all bases, including the migration of backend functions and external integrations.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and profitability improvement (ROI)

  • Audits of store ease of use and usability
  • Design of A/B tests to help you zero in on the right strategic changes
  • Coordination of A/B test programs to bring the best results from the analytics and reporting

Online store design

  • First comes analysis, strategy and discovery. For larger projects we can implement an „idea to project” approach
  • Next is UX design preceded by user behavior analysis, mockup, and design and development of information architecture 
  • Finally we arrive at graphic design customized for brand fit and user needs

Shopify Stores We Worked on Recently

FrontEnd - Customization and Shopify software

FrontEnd – customization and software development

  • Prepared customized Shopify Plus templates in JavaScript, Liquid, HTML, CSS under a special constraint of keeping  jQuery use to a minimum for optimal store load speed. Our role was to build PSD and Sketch based products, catalogs and static pages as well as customized cart, checkout, and thank-you pages (,
  • Enabled adaptable content management. We created content editor as Shopify Private App to open up ample content  management options for product pages, including creating new sections and editing existing ones. In the performance field, we also implemented efficiency optimization by saving content as product metafields.
  • Developed an application for uniform navigation (menu) on Shopfy and WordPress. The plug-in enables navigation editing in Shopify and WordPress from a single panel

Shopify Scripts development

  • Script for setting free-shipping promotion along with discount coupons where it’s not otherwise possible by default
  • Script for adding additional products after applying a discount coupons via JavaScript and custom fields
  • Script for in-cart cross-sell, and upsell enabling promotion of related of products already in shopping cart for example dynamically prompting sale of HDMI cable with a purchase of a TV set    
  • Script in JavaScript for applying quantity limits to carts
  • Script for protecting carts from free product checkout without any purchase
  • Script for adding a free gift to cart if predefined conditions are met

Development of custom Shopify Scripts

 82/5000 Design and coordination of A / B conversion optimization program (CRO) in Shopify

Design and coordination of A/B (CRO) conversion optimization program

Success is not permanent. You have to build, learn, and test to create an online store customers are drawn to and stay ahead of the game. To answer that demand, we designed, developed and ran several dozen frontend and backend A/B tests, and improved bottom line

  • Improved purchasing process flow
  • Tested and optimized communication, pictures, content, and layout
  • Optimized transaction pages focusing on  /cart and /checkout
  • And bingo! Online sales improved by $840 000 over 18 months in one of the projects. Running over a dozen A/B tests lead to an increase in the conversion rate.

Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify platform

  • Migration of a large database with 100 000 orders, thousands of users and sales data points. We handled the delicate operation smoothly with both platforms in full transaction mode during the export-import process
  • Migration of content, design, styles, integration, and dedicated backend plug-ins. None of the essentials are left behind. We managed to transfer 90% of the functionalities which were custom-built for WooCommerce
  • Support for marketing outreach to customers during migration. We ran a marketing campaign for current customers, encouraging them to create user passwords for the new Shopify platform

Migration from WooCommerce to Shopify

Development of an application integrating the Shopify store with the FulFillment system

Application development for integration with the Fulfillment system

  • Developed  an application which became the basis for integrating any Fulfillment system. It is a connector between Shopify API and OrderLogix API. It caches some data within its own database to keep the number of queries in check. It’s bidirectional, so after capturing a purchase in Shopify, it sends the transaction details to the Fulfillment system. Record update automation continues through the shipment stage when the application changes the order status once the package is dispatched, and then records the tracking number in Shopify.

Application development for exporting orders to CSV

  • Developed an application for exporting orders to CSV. Exporter communicates with Shopify API and Bold API and downloads specific subscription data. This is the basis for generating the CSV file which is imported to Tableau

Integration with Carthook and Bold Cashier, including both one-time and subscription payments.

Developing an application to export orders from Shopify to CSV

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